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Display your quality

The Rungis Sticker that is renewed every year, is a sign of your commitment to providing quality services to your customers.

A programme for promoting the quality of Rungis to customers

Rungis Market has been organising  this  loyalty programme for more than 10 years, aimed at promoting Rungis shopkeepers among the customers. It is important to let your customers be aware of the quality and freshness of products that is guaranteed when shopping at Rungis. This is the reason why Rungis International Market offers a sticker to all its professional buyers every year; a sign that conveys that the supplies of buyers come from Rungis. This commitment to quality will be all the more appreciated as consumers are becoming increasingly committed to values related to a healthy diet, pleasure, proximity and also are socially aware of their consumption habits. Rungis ensures quality, but so should you.


Rungis Sticker, mark of quality and freshness

The Sticker has a unique visual effect and is identical for all shopkeepers so that customers can remember it well. It is a window sticker that can be viewed from both sides and can either be stuck at the entrance or inside your shop, retail store or restaurant. Displaying the “For quality, I go to Rungis” sticker is a way to promote your professional skills and commitment to provide quality fresh produce to your consumers. This Sticker will be sent to you every year soon after you become a buyer at Rungis.