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Rungis Engineering provides technical assistance at every level, from design to operations and development of the agri-food logistics centres and wholesale markets.

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The design office of Rungis Engineering performs feasibility research of a wholesale market


Overall studies

Preliminary studies

  • Diagnosis, macro and micro-economic evaluation, market and pre-investment studies, definition of economic models, etc.

Agri-food distribution strategy

  • Identification of project actors (vendors and customers), their requirements and possibilities.
  • Assessment of the distribution channels, logistics and initial processing operations.

Economic and technical prefeasibility

  • Soil analysis, limitations, analysis of investments, revenues and costs, etc.


  • Based on the requirements, agri-food strategies and competition: acreage and required equipment estimates.


  • Macro location: Close to urban centres, road and rail connections, climatology and flooding.
  • Micro location: Land selection (availability, development of building site, natural and administrative constraints, human factors and accessibility).

Preliminary project

General programme, ground plan, constructive designs:

  • Identification of skills, progressive building concepts (size of areas, warehouses, platforms, aisles, etc.), evaluation of costs and investments, business plan, profitability and financial projections.

Specific technical aspects

  • Land development (electricity and water network connections), access, technical options (cold, insulation, fire-safety, logistics aspects, etc.)

Spatial organisation, master plan

  • Functional programme of the platform (on-site insertion, access control), general ground plan.

Regulatory and institutional aspects

  • Analysis and recommendation while taking into account the law of the country, technical adaptations.

CMarketing, business model

  • Organisation and marketing of wholesale food products.
  • Investment plan.
  • Profitability.

Assistance in construction

Assistance and technical guidance during construction and setting up.

Project Management Assistance.

Startup assistance

Transfer support

Support measures (financial, regulatory and technical aspects).

Definition and implementation of company rules.

Market management assistance

Human organisation

  • Training of managers.
  • Definition of tasks and role of every manager.

Health and food safety, security

  • Compliance with the standards, modernisation.
  • Water and air treatment.
  • Fire.
  • Entry management, surveillance, camera.

Management assistance

  • Quality approach.
  • Marketing study.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and repair, fluid management.
  • Waste management.

Management assistance

  • Diagnosis of the operating conditions.
  • Functional reorganisation.
  • Cost reduction.
  • 5-year development plan.
  • Investment programme.

Direct involvement in the management

  • Joint-venture.

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