Licence Agreement

The flagship product of this offer is a “License Agreement”, providing for the transfer of know-how, engineering and management and operation of the “Rungis” brand.

Licence Agreement

The flagship product of this offer is a licence agreement, which organises the transfer of expertise, engineering and operations of the ‘Rungis’ brand. The first agreements of this kind were signed with Dubai and Moscow in 2015.

For the consultancy services, the Rungis Engineering cell mainly depends on about ten experts of SEMMARIS (analysis of production food chains, design, construction site supervision, financial engineering, direct marketing, etc.) and occasionally depends on external services.

A building with a delivery and unloading dock

Phase 1 : Feasibility and design study

1. Agri-food distribution strategy:
2.Location and size:
3.Site map, organisation of spaces, buildings, Master plan:
4.Preliminary technical and financial evaluation:
  • Identification of project actors (vendors and customers), their requirements and possibilities
  • Assessment of the distribution channels, logistics and initial processing operations, etc.
  • Macro location: Close to urban centres, road and rail connections, climatology and flooding
  • Micro location: Land selection (availability, development of building site, natural and administrative constraints, human factors and accessibility)
  • Based on the requirements, agri-food strategies and competition: acreage and required equipment estimates
  • General ground plan
  • Functional programme of the platform (on-site insertion, access control)
  • Land development (electricity and water network connections)
  • Progressive building concepts (size of areas, warehouses, platforms, aisles, etc.)
  • Micro and macroeconomic evaluation
  • Definition of the business model
  • Investment plan
  • Profitability

Phase 2: Assistance in the construction

1.Supervision of the architects’ work:
2.Assessment o the execution of works by the contractors:
3.Integration of sustainable development:
4.Preliminary technical and financial evaluation:
  • Networks
  • Frame
  • Structures
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telecommunications
  • Lighting
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Waste and recycling management
  • Optimisation of transports
  • Organic products offer
  • Effectiveness of the energy consumption
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Fire safety
  • Risk management
  • Personnel flow

Phase 3: Market management

1.Market management assistance:
2.Training and follow-up:
3.Management and marketing assistance:
4.Performance follow-up:
  • Drafting the rules of procedure
  • Organisation chart
  • Definition and implementation of the information system
  • Platform safety procedures for people and products
  • Assistance in the selection of sub-contractors
  • Optimisation of personnel flow
  • Training of managers and key personnel at Rungis
  • Training of managers and key personnel on site
  • Quarterly visits of Rungis managers to provide specific assistance upon request
  • Startup assistance
  • Operating assistance
  • Events and activities in collaboration with Rungis
  • Diagnosis of the operating conditions
  • Functional reorganisation
  • Cost reduction
  • 5-year development plan
  • Investment programme

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