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Rungis Engineering firm has already presented a wide range of completed and ongoing projects, including licence agreements.

Rungis Engineering team with members of the Moscow wholesale market

Our licence agreements

Flag of Russia A 15-year licence agreement for the construction and operation of the new wholesale market in Moscow – Russia – VTB Bank (2016-2031)
Flag of Dubai A 15-year licence agreement for the construction and operation of the new wholesale market in Dubai (2016-2031)

On the international scale

World map for showing different completed or ongoing projects of Rungis Engineering


Flag of Russia Pre-feasibility study of a new wholesale market at Saint Petersburg – Russia (2015)
Flag of Côte d’Ivoire Study of food production chains in Côte d’Ivoire (2014)
Flag of South Africa Methodological framework for performing the feasibility study at Nelspruit – South Africa (2012-2013)
Flag of China Feasibility study of a new wholesale market in China: Nanning; Changsha; Shenzhen; Tianjin; Liuzhou (2008-2010)
Flag of Vietnam AMO (Project Management Assistance) for an agri-food platform in Vietnam (2009)
Flag of Ukraine Identification of two wholesale markets and logistic platform at Kiev and Odessa. Construction and operations of wholesale market and logistics platform, requirement analysis, land selection, ground plan, business plan at Ukraine – Kiev and Odessa (2008 and 2009)
Flag of the United Kingdom Study of food production chains in London – United Kingdom (2007). Redevelopment of the wholesale market in Liverpool – United Kingdom (2014)
Flag of Peru Feasibility study of a new wholesale market and set-up of  a new wholesale market at Lima – Peru (2007)
Flag of Kazakhstan Collaborative project in order to contribute to the development of Kazakh agriculture, 4 cities including Astana and Almaty – Kazakhstan (2007)
Flag of Portugal AMO (Project Management Assistance) for an agri-food platform project at Lisbon – Portugal (1994-1996)
Flag of Egypt Setting up the wholesale market in Cairo – Egypt (1976 – 1981)


SEMMARIS has developed a long-standing consultancy and engineering division aimed at both French and international wholesale markets that has contributed to the development of over 50 markets across four continents and enhanced both the Market’s expertise and its reputation. Rungis Market now favours long-term licensing agreements and has notably been involved in setting up Moscow wholesale market over the course of the past year. “Our onsite client is one of the leading Russian public banks, VTB”, explains Florian de Saint Vincent, International Project Manager at SEMMARIS. “Their representatives contacted us in 2015 in search of support in the modelling of this project, located 30km south of the Russian capital, close to the airport, with a view to creating a multi-modal air, rail and road logistics platform”. The Russian authorities are seeking to develop their food production, supply and distribution capacities, Florian Saint-Vincent explains. Rungis Engineering recently completed the project scaling phase, along with a block plan and a profitability study. “We are currently awaiting the client’s response before we can support and supervise the construction work. An initial two-year construction phase spanning some 40 hectares is expected to begin, and SEMMARIS will also support the management company creation phase”. Rungis Market will begin work on developing a 300-hectare site close to Dubai airport, designed to support the explosion of products destined for Asia, Europe and the Middle-East, in November 2016.