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Experts from Rungis Engineering provide you with a technique adapted to your projects in France and abroad.

Who are we?

Rungis Engineering, a service dedicated to the design, development and operations of agri-food wholesale markets and logistics centre in the world, promotes the Rungis brand internationally.

Unparalleled expertise

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In just 50 years, Rungis Market has acquired an unparalleled expertise in design, development and operation of a wholesale market. With this expertise, SEMMARIS, since the time of creation of the concept of the national wholesale market and Market management, has established consultancy and engineering operations for French and international wholesale market services: Rungis Engineering. In half a century, SEMMARIS experts have thus participated in the development of more than 50 markets over 4 continents and have considerably improved the practices, expertise and reputation of Rungis.


Rungis Engineering Projects

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Our project methodology

A pragmatic method… to adapt the projects to local situations
  • Observe the local situation and understand it
  • Define the general contents and context of the project
  • Set the stakes, objectives and purposes
  • Promote a new approach
  • Ensure continuous collaboration with local professionals (institutions, customers, operators, users)
  • Evaluate the methods and options of future users
  • Include them in the definition of the project and its functioning
  • Ensure that all local professionals, who must take over the project, become members
  • Analyse the specific characteristics of every situation in detail
  • Setup the functional programme
  • Propose a suitable but upgradeable project
  • Define the conditions for implementation and development
  • Provide support in the implementation and management of equipment offered
  • Comply with the budgets
  • Control a scheduling operation
  • Optimise the management

Rungis, an international brand

The development of this activity, particularly at an international level, is a promising source of growth and a powerful medium for spreading awareness of the Market. Rungis Engineering offers its services in three strategic phases for creating a market: technical and economic feasibility of the project, project management assistance (during project execution) and operations support with brand and software licences.

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