Rungis Market is a great place for businesses in the food industry, particularly in terms of the facilities and services it offers. For information on all of our property opportunities visit

Become a Market operator

They are many good reasons to set up your business at Rungis Market. This a renowned site that is accessible and safe, particularly equipped with modern infrastructures and various services for people and companies.

Discover Rungis Immobilier

Why choose Rungis? You are guaranteed to find all products in highly monitored hygiene and traceability conditions in one place and at competitive rates.

Infrastructures and Safety

Rungis Market provides the companies and their partners with the following facilities: public transportation, local shops and also modern infrastructures in terms of logistics, energy and environment.

Panel of services

Rungis Market groups all the support functions likely to encourage the development of your operations: companies related to transportation and logistics, employment and training organisations and a reliable partnership: SEMMARIS.