Commodities Prices
Consult the real-time prices of Fresh Produce

Commodities prices

Consult the real-time prices of Fresh Produce

“Réseau des Nouvelles des Marchés” (RMN)

The Market News Network (RMN – “Réseau des Nouvelles des Marchés”) is a public service coordinated at national level by FranceAgriMer in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture. It is ISO 9001 certified and has a permanent centre at Rungis, attached to the regional services for statistical and economic information (SRISE) of the Ile-de-France Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (DRIAAF).
The RMN is tasked with monitoring the prices of floral horticulture and agri-food products in the entire region and at all stages of marketing to provide unbiased and reliable information that reflects the reality of markets as closely as possible. This information is then used as a reference by cross-industry organisations, the Observatory for pricing and margins, government services (INSEE (French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research), SSP (Primary Health Care), DGCCRF (French Competition Authority), the European Union, insurances, media, etc.
The RNM also groups the reference prices of food products suitable for mass catering services. This type of grouping in the form of messages is called “basket trading for mass catering services”. It consists of several messages by product sector and listing market on a weekly or monthly basis. Basket trading for mass catering services.

And at Rungis Market?

At Rungis, a dozen market research economic- analytic surveyors monitor the prices of all fresh produce at the wholesale stage (fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat products, dairy products, eggs, flowers) in particular. The information collected, cross-checked and commented by the market’s economic- analytic surveyors is published on a daily, weekly or monthly basis according to the sectors concerned in the form of market price lists.
At Rungis Market:

How does it work?

These market price lists are published free of charge on the RNM website ( on D+45, on a subscription basis, in real time (on the day of survey or from the 1st working day after survey).
For example:

"Réseau des nouvelles des marchés"

Consult real-time commodities prices thanks to the RNM (“Réseau des Nouvelles des Marchés”) Market News Network public service coordinated by FranceAgriMer (National establishment for agriculture and sea products).


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