Buy at Rungis

In order to purchase goods at Rungis you will need a buyer's card, which you can apply for at

A guide and a search engine will help you to identify products, suppliers and services.

Become a buyer

Any professional can become a buyer at Rungis. But, you must have a buyer card to be able to do so. You are not charged if you are dealing with food, horticulture or decoration related activities. This card provides you with several benefits.

Rungis Market and You

Why choose Rungis? You are guaranteed to find all products in one place at competitive rates, which are offered to you in highly monitored hygiene and traceability conditions.

Companies at your service

Only the best food products have been picked out for you at Rungis. Rungis also has several sales divisions that are suited to your circumstances, personalised services, range of logistics, accessories and equipment.

Identify your suppliers

A very easy method has been implemented to identify suppliers and services that you are looking for; browse through the Who does What at Rungis guide, either pick up a copy or read it online or browse through the Rungis search engine available on web and mobile devices.