Rungis companies directory
You can now find your future suppliers thanks to the Rungis companies directory

Identify your suppliers

Market users have several tools to quickly and easily find the suppliers that they are searching for: the “Who does what at Rungis” guide for products and services and the search engine, accessible from both the Market website and the Rungis mobile application.

A view of the Fruits and Vegetables Hall in operation from the aisle.

The Rungis guide for services and products

Identify your suppliers 5

Are you looking for a company, product or service? The Rungis guide is published every year on the basis of updates made by companies. This approximately 250-page directory lists all the products and services at Rungis Market, according to business sector.

The Rungis guide can be downloaded completely or sector by sector from the home page of the Market website Market buyers can also ask Rungis Accueil for a paper copy. There is also a special guide which lists all companies marketing organic food products at Rungis Market. It can be downloaded from the website.



The Rungis Guide

Download the Rungis directory


Search engine and mobile application

Still of the Rungis Mobile smartphone application

The search engine is another solution to find the companies and retail offers that you are looking for. Linked to a directory that is updated every week, this tool can be accessed from the home page of the Market website. It features a quick search option (by retail offer or company name) and an advanced search option for products, services and logistics offers.

The search engine can also be accessed from the Rungis Mobile application. Use it to find operators and locate them on the Market map. It will also help you optimise your travel time and itinerary when coming and going to Rungis Market.

The Rungis Mobile application

Access the search engine from the Rungis Mobile application