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Buying at Rungis means choosing high quality products, a wide range of options and also complete safety. It also gives you unique services that are not found elsewhere!



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Amandine Chaignot’s profile, a buyer at Rungis Market

Amandine Chaignot – A chef from Raphaël Hotel restaurant in Paris…

Amandine Chaignot

Rungis mostly depends on the availability and efficiency of our suppliers who I’ve known for many years and with whom I share a trusting relationship.


What can we find at Rungis?

The extremely rich and varied offer meets the requirements of all types of buyers with:

Organic products offer at Rungis Market

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What services are available to the buyers?

Besides the number of specific services provided by the buyer’s card, the Market users can also enjoy the services of several amenities: a waste reception centre for disposing of empty packages and waste, refrigeration unit for storing cold products, restaurants, self-service in culinary restaurants, petrol-stations, professional utility garages, car-sharing terminals for short-distance travel inside or near the Market.


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