Rungis Engineering Consultancy

Rungis Engineering, which has a unique expertise in design, execution and management of wholesale markets, is offering licence agreements.

Rungis Engineering

SEMMARIS has established consulting and engineering operations for wholesale markets. It offers contracts for design, development and operations of agri-food logistic centres and wholesale markets.

Expertise at your service

Rungis Engineering has developed a specific expertise and a practical method to adapt projects to local situations. The service can include providing services throughout the project, from the preliminary study to guidance in market management.

Licence agreement

SEMMARIS offers the option of signing a licence agreement for the purposes of sharing the expertise of the Rungis brand across other cities around the world.

Our references

SEMMARIS has half a century of experience as regards consultancy and assistance. Rungis Engineering, previously known as Rungis Consultants, participated in the development and renovation of several wholesale markets in the world.

Contact us

The team at Rungis Engineering centre consists of experts from different professional backgrounds. They are at your service for assessing your requirements.