Permission for filming
In order to enter Rungis Market you must obtain a written permission from SEMMARIS.

Reports & Filming

Film coverage, short film, full-length film, clip, etc…you will find all information and documents required for filming Rungis Market!

Rungis Market in a symbolic location that is very popular among the national and international media looking for locations from which to report. Whatever the topic, you may only enter Rungis Market once you have obtained written authorisation to do so from SEMMARIS.

Warehouses, offices, parking space, tolls, private roads, etc.Rungis offers various solutions for filming and for photo shoots.You have the option to film when the Market is open or after normal working hours if you want a more neutral setting.

In addition to films, Rungis Market also frequently hosts shootings of series and advertisements, as well as photo and music video shoots. During quieter times, be it by day or by night, an aisle of the market or an unused corner of the warehouse can easily be converted into a shooting location. Rungis is also extremely popular for advertisements for new cars and other vehicles. Rates vary depending on the needs specified and the desired location(s).



For any request to come to the Rungis Market, we ask you to download, fill out and send the filming permission to at least 3 days before the desired date. No request can be processed before this sending before minimum 3 days before your arrival. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact details for Reports & Filming

For any information concerning the modalities of filming and shooting on the Rungis Market, please contact the marketing department
Tel: +33 (0)1 41 80 80 15