Rungis Green Business

Rungis Market plays a role in the country's economic life and also aims to be a proactive operator when it comes to sustainable development, which is why the Market has embarked upon an ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility programme known as Rungis Green Business.


A responsible operator

Rungis Market limits the environmental impact of urban logistics and contributes to balanced land use management. SEMMARIS has developed a progressive approach to sustainable development: Rungis Green Business.

A stakeholder in economic and local development

Rungis Market is an important operator in the economy of the Paris region and, more widely, of France as a whole. Its impact can be felt upstream in agricultural sectors and downstream in service activities.

An organic offering

The range of organic produce available at Rungis is constantly increasing. An entire hall (D6) at the heart of the market is devoted to this flourishing sector and includes all types of food.