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Rungis, a springboard for French trade

Rungis Market offers a large proportion of French agricultural and food products. Market gardeners and arboriculturalists directly sell their produce at the Rungis ‘Carreau des Producteurs’ (Producer’s Sector), along with wholesalers who regularly organise expos for regional products.




tonnes of “Made in France” products


of the tonnage on the Market is French-made


French producers set-up at Rungis

Made in France products, very well represented at Rungis

Even though Rungis Market has an international dimension, a high proportion of products sold here are French made. This “Made in France” range, which represents the diversity of agriculture and the agri-food industry of our territory, constitutes an essential strength of the Market. The most demanding buyers, chefs with stars from international distribution brands, come to purchase food symbolic of French gastronomy, recognised since 2010 as Unesco intangible heritage.

The important opportunity which Rungis represents, has allowed several farmers and SMEs in the agri-food industry to ensure the perennity of their work tools, develop their clientele and to create new business and employment. While we can find products from highly varying origins at Rungis, which helps us meet all requirements, the Market constitutes a key actor in the agri-food industry of France, a vital sector of its economy.

French sole sold at Rungis Market


French origin products, clearly identified

French products in the Market have the advantage of the skills of wholesalers in matters of traceability and their commitment for voluntary labelling approaches for the origin of the meat, poultry or vegetables. The merchants at Rungis indicate the regional products they sell (and the four major regions of origin of their products) in the Who Does What?, the guide made for buyers at Rungis. Their ranges give prominence to products with a geographic indication (AOP or IGP), which guarantees the local or regional origin of the production or processing of the products.

French farm goat cheese sold at Rungis Market

Rungis at the heart of the local community

2016 saw two major events that helped reinforce the Market’s commitment to defending products produced in the Île-de-France region: the creation of the Comptoir du Carreau, devoted to regional artisan food products, uniting horticultural producers from the Île-de-France region in a fully renovated premises in building C1.

The comptoir du carreau

The Comptoir du Carreau was opened at Rungis on 17 September 2016 in the presence of Valérie Pécresse, Chair of the Regional Council of Île-de-France, marking the opening of a shop devoted entirely to foodstuffs produced in the Île-de-France region. The 80m2 outlet is located within the regional fruit and vegetable section and is open to buyers at the Market every day from 4am, offering a complementary range of crafts products from the Île-de-France region including biscuits, beverages, cold cuts, preserves, ices, bread and dairy products, among others. The shop also serves to showcase the often unrecognised creativity of the Île-de-France region with regard to the agrifood industry, which contributes to the locavorism movement that is becoming increasingly evident among consumers.

Le Made in France à Rungis 1

Horticultural producers

Less than a month later, on 6 October, the new sales area devoted to pot and bedding plants grown in the Île-de-France region was opened in building C1 at Rungis. 25 of the region’s horticultural producers now operate out of the APHUMR (Association of Horticultural Producers Using Rungis Market), spanning some 3,000m2 in the central pavilion of the Market’s horticulture and decoration sector. As a result, florists, garden centres, landscapers and decorators now have access to a comprehensive offering that comprises not only pot plants produced in the Île-de-France region but also cut flowers and greenery. SEMMARIS is therefore looking to promote France and showcase its regional products in the face of fierce international competition.

Spotlight on a regional label

Spotlight on a regional label

The Comptoir du Carreau offering is part of the ‘Eat local in Île-de-France’ initiative launched in 2011 by the CERVIA (Regional Centre for Agricultural and Food Innovation in Île-de-France). The label applies to farmers, craftspeople, SMEs, restaurateurs and traders, with a different version of the mark displayed depending on their activity.


Le Made in France à Rungis

“France at Rungis” promotes the products from our regions

The wholesalers spare no efforts in promoting products from French regions in the Market, with days or weeks of promotion in partnership with the suppliers. SEMMARIS and the professional associations of wholesalers and producers came together to create “France at Rungis”, at the initiative of several dozen activities for French products under halls, in the presence of producers.

A piece of French meat at Rungis Market


– 730,000 tonnes of French origin products were sold at Rungis Market in 2015, out of a total of recorded 1.6 million of tonnes of incoming fresh food (except transit)
– 62% fruits and vegetables, 86% dairy products and 52% meat products sold at Rungis are French made
– 24% plums and 28% endives produced in Ile-de-France region are sold in the producer’s sector
– 500,000 agricultural operations, which support nearly a million people in France
– The French agri-food industry has 10,000 companies which provide 475,000 jobs on the territory
– The surplus French agri-food balance reached 9.4 billion € in 2015