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Our investment projects

SEMMARIS, whose mandate to manage and develop the Market has been extended until the end of 2049, has undertaken an extensive investment programme in tandem with the businesses. This will consolidate the physical market, take it into the future and establish its international renown.



in investments over 10 years


of new buildings and renovations

A programme to take Rungis into the future

View of Rungis Market from Semmaris Tower

SEMMARIS and the Market’s businesses regularly invest in Rungis Market’s infrastructure to support its long-term growth, guarantee its durability and promote this French model of excellence internationally. Each year, between €30 and 40 million are dedicated to renovation and new buildings at Rungis Market.

In 2015 the French state extended SEMMARIS’s mandate to develop and operate the Rungis site until 31 December 2049. This decision, which guarantees stability and visibility for the Market, has led SEMMARIS in conjunction with professionals to adopt a €510 million investment programme which will be deployed until 2025. Every euro invested in the market by SEMMARIS is matched by the operators, so Rungis will invest over a billion euros between 2015 and 2025.



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264,000 m² to be built

The investments of the Rungis 2025 programme are concentrated within the perimeter of the wholesale market and concern all sectors. In all, 264,000m² of new buildings are planned, 132,000m² are to be demolished and 88,000m² to be renovated. The programme of work includes:

Aerial view of Rungis Market


Service of General Interest

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Consolidating the physical market

The “Rungis 2022” ten-year plan aims to guarantee that the market will be attractive and efficient (in compliance with best practices in terms of health and safety) and to consolidate the development of service activities such as urban logistics and e-commerce. Although the market’s businesses have diversified considerably over the last few years (transport, logistics, import, processing, etc), the physical market and its stock of fresh, quality products still form the basis of the ecosystem at Rungis. The profitability of each project has been examined, making it possible to forecast value creation.

Vue du ciel du Marché de Rungis

Developing international business

The scope of the plan will also permit SEMMARIS to develop international business, which has been identified as a promising growth engine and powerful channel for the renown and image of Rungis Market. A new concept of developing wholesale markets under a “Rungis” licence has just been introduced in Dubai and will be pursued with other partners. It includes project feasibility and design, assistance in implementation and operation, trademark and software licences.



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