Rungis innovates for the future

Rungis Market is looking to the future with its Rungis&Co business incubator, the development of digital technology and an extensive programme of innovations.

Rungis offers services which result from innovative projects

Innovation is a key focus for Rungis Market. The companies and SEMMARIS plan carefully to ensure that the Market is permanently one step ahead in terms of sustainable development, new technologies and services.

Rungis business incubator, an engine for innovation at the Market

Rungis Market has opened a business incubator for innovative companies initiating projects in the food, gourmet, logistics, digital and service sectors.

Rungis Market is committed to assisting digital development

Rungis has entered the digital age. Companies at the national wholesale market benefit from broadband with fibre optics, and SEMMARIS is developing a shared offer for food e-commerce available to all operators.