Assisting the digital transformation

The Market has become truly digitalised. Thanks to the development of a series of increasingly sophisticated tools, already offers a number of online services. But these are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of future developments.

A key focus for Rungis Market

New information and communication technologies directed at consumers (B2C) as well as professionals (B2B) are crucial for the future of the food trade. The development of Internet access and mobile telephony underpins the growth of e-commerce and opens up new perspectives for digital solutions for online orders, shared logistics services and the planning of sales operations.


Innovation department

Contact for Innovation

Superfast broadband at Rungis

To assist companies in their digital revolution, SEMMARIS has successfully carried out work to install fibre optics throughout Rungis International Market for their benefit. This superfast broadband programme, called Rungis THD (Très Haut Débit) made it possible to increase transport of information capability for the Market’s companies with their clients and suppliers. In particular, superfast broadband makes it possible to use tools which require a very high band width (video-conference, IP telephony, online sales, VPNs, cloud computing, etc.).

Launch of fibre optics at Rungis Market


Fibre Optics at Rungis Market

Download the brochure presenting Fibre Optics at Rungis Market

New corporate site

SEMMARIS entirely revamped its corporate website,, in 2016, making it easier to browse and enhancing the user experience on tablets and mobile phones, as well as enriching the content of the site. Internet users can now follow a special profile-specific process to access operator and buyers spaces, the interactive business directory and the latest news and developments at the Market, not to mention social networks.

A comprehensive offering

Acting as a true digital hub, the website also serves as a portal for accessing the various SEMMARIS online initiatives. gives buyers at the Market the option of managing all aspects of their records online and to take advantage of useful tips and ideas. Operators, meanwhile, can now use to access various services, including Phileo (the online service catalogue), and submit declarations (incoming deliveries, turnover, workforce, etc.) and manage cards, invoices, etc.

An upcoming marketplace

Fibre optics have now been installed throughout the Rungis site, providing businesses operating at the Market with optimal connection facilities and supporting their own digital development. Such developments could also benefit from the marketplace project, which SEMMARIS has continued to work on over the course of 2016. The project is expected to result in the creation of a major BtoB marketplace providing Rungis operators with an online platform for selling to the whole of France and on the international market.



SEMMARIS commissioned a study in 2016 with the aim of better understanding the movements of those using the Market using mobile data gathered anonymously. The smartphone behaviours of nearly 10,000 mobile Internet users, including both buyers and employees, were consequently analysed. The physical points at which they connect is used to map their routes around the Market, the ways in which they use the space, their profiles and their areas of interest. Furthermore, the results of this study were used to create an initial mobile communications campaign to mark the end-of-year holiday period with the aim of encouraging both prospects and buyers to purchase their goods at Rungis.