Innovation programme

Rungis Market offers companies innovative and efficient services in all areas, including construction of buildings, customer relations and green innovations.

An ambitious innovation programme

SEMMARIS and its Innovation Department have drawn up a programme of innovations for Rungis Market and its companies. Its objective is to provide the economic stakeholders at Rungis national wholesale market with innovative, practical and customised solutions at regular intervals to enable the Rungis ecosystem to stay one step ahead in terms of sustainable development, new technologies and services.


The innovative projects selected, adopted and negotiated by SEMMARIS are made available to all the Market’s operators or are included in the catalogue of services accessible on This catalogue features turnkey solutions for customer relations, facility management, logistics, security and quality of life.


Innovation Department

Contact for innovation

Diverse innovative solutions

Rungis Market’s innovation programme, set up in 2013, has led to the successful conclusion of several projects for sustainable development such as construction of certified positive energy buildings, creation of a charging facility for electric vehicles and provision of a fleet of green vehicles for car sharing.


The innovation programme also aims to develop Rungis’s assets by creating, amongst other things, a container rental service and a business incubator, not to mention building an Organic Hall.


The Philéo services catalogue

The Market’s turnkey solutions are listed in Philéo, a unique catalogue of innovative, on-demand services. Companies are invited to select the services which meet their specific requirements: customer risk control package, online visibility package, print, digital or events-based communications solutions, fibre optics, electrical equipment inspections, video surveillance, temperature sensors with alerts sent to mobile phones and skip, compactor or dustbin rental, etc.

Rungis Market’s sustainable transport solutions


The Philéo services

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The collective strength of the Market

These innovative services have all been made available to companies through the Market’s collective strength. The projects, which sometimes emanate directly from Rungis&Co business incubator, are assessed and selected by SEMMARIS’s Innovation Committee. Their shared cost is negotiated beforehand. The various services provided are presented to all new arrivals in the Market and set out in the “Welcome to Rungis” pack.

Rungis&Co business incubator

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