SEMMARIS - the Market's management company

SEMMARIS is responsible for the operation of the Rungis site, for selling property there and for ensuring its development and reputation.

Our role and tasks

The task of SEMMARIS is to operate and manage Rungis Market, to market real-estate properties, to ensure the acceptance and security of the tenants and users and to improve the dynamism of the Market’s image.

Our organisation

SEMMARIS is under the authority of a Board of Directors and its CEO. The company, which has approximately 220 employees, is organised on four major divisions: public affairs, development, general interest services , development and major projects.

Our actions and activities

The services of SEMMARIS Departments result in new actions every year which propel Rungis Market towards the future, improve its products and enhance its attractiveness.

Activity report

Every year, SEMMARIS publishes a report of its actions and financial results in the form of an Activity report.

Networking with wholesale markets

Rungis Market is a member of the French Federation of Wholesale Markets, a professional association which consists of all national interest markets and certain Wholesale markets. These markets play an important role in territory planning in France, which deserves recognition.