Our actions and activities 2016

Find out about the initiatives undertaken and achievements accomplished by the various divisions of SEMMARIS over the course of 2016.

Public affairs

The Public Affairs centre of SEMMARIS has taken long term actions to anchor the market in the heart of the regional territory and to give it a new international strategy, by offering a global license for its know-how.


The Rungis Market has definitely entered the digital age. The watchword of the SEMMARIS strategy during the financial year 2016, digitisation has now reached most of the operations carried out by the Development division.

General interest services

Major structural works were continued with the construction of new halls and continuous maintenance operations. The year was marked by an increased vigilance as regards safety questions and for the development of a responsible HR policy.


In 2016, SEMMARIS undertook over 156 construction and electrical maintenance operations across the various sectors of the market in 2016, representing a budget of 28 million euros.