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Back to the projects – 2016

SEMMARIS reinforced its major concerns regarding security at the Market in 2016 and has taken various steps to secure access to the site (including toll booths and an administration tower), as well as significantly increasing the number of video surveillance cameras in operation. As far as that goes with regard to human resources, the structure of the company was altered with a view to bringing its human potential into line with its business development prospects.

Dominique Batani – Director of the Market

SEMMARIS is equipping itself with the means to efficiently achieve its aims and accomplish future developments.

Rungis 2025 Investment Plan

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Fifty high-definition video surveillance cameras have been added or upgraded, notably in particularly sensitive areas such as warehouses and car parks and at toll booths, as part of a five-year programme that is being implemented at the Market. Greater focus is not placed on these toll booths, and taxis and motorcycles must now be identified. Likewise, all entries to the administration tower are manned by security guards and a badge is now required to access the floors within. Access to the offices has also been tightened.

Elsewhere in the Market, surveillance activity has also been stepped up, including the extension of mobile patrol surveillance initiatives between the hours of 10pm and 6am, with trading beginning in the middle of the night. Furthermore, cooperation with the peace-keeping forces has helped improve the sense of security at the site, notably thanks to regular Vigipirate patrols, all of which has been designed not to affect trading activity at the Market. Last but not least, operators have been made aware of these various initiatives, in which over one million euros were invested in 2016.


SEMMARIS has purchased fire prevention equipment incorporating a ‘cool fire’ system that makes it possible to act as soon as an accident occurs in an enclosed space without having to enter the space in question and risking causing an influx of air. Triggering the system can pierce partition walls to distribute a cloud of droplets to help saturate the flames with moisture to prevent them from growing. Furthermore, this VAMCAV emergency response vehicle, which costs €250,000, and is designed for use in confined spaces, is also equipped with a medical unit for administering first aid.

Henceforth, the notion of security now also extends to the virtual sphere, with a view to preventing the technological risks associated with cyber attacks. SEMMARIS thus organised an information day in conjunction with ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security) in order to raise awareness among businesses operating at the Market, and a series of informative guides have been distributed in the various pavilions.



The structure of the Market’s various sectors has been altered to incorporate a new entity – the SEDAP – that brings together the Euro Delta zone warehousing section and the offices. This is, in fact, a very specific division of the Market, where operators have different needs than those operating on the floor. Furthermore, SEMMARIS intends to implement an ambitious commercial policy in this area by allocating specialist representatives to the initiative.

With regard to the other sectors, aside from the merging of seafood with dairy and delicatessen products, a number of steering committees operating within the various sectors have been brought together to prepare future restructuring initiatives. This will, of course, include the new pork pavilion, which will be the last meat product sub-sector to undergo extensive modernisation. Likewise, a steering committee set up three years ago is helping to develop the Avenue de la Gastronomie, which began with the creation of the F5C, the renovation of the dairy and delicatessen pavilions and the construction of the organic indoor market.

With regard to the fruit and vegetable section, following the completion of work to reconfigure the aisles, consideration is being given to the possibility of replacing the entire sprinkler system to further protect the pavilions in the event of a fire whilst avoiding any accidental triggering of the system. As for horticulture and decoration, meanwhile, the transfer of the APHUMR (see page x) to building C1 was successfully completed in 2016 and the entire sector is expected to implement a renovation plan designed to give it a new lease of life. Discussions will continue over the course of 2017 regarding the seafood sector and pavilion A4, again in consultation with the operators concerned in order to ensure that the modernised tools better reflect their needs.



Human Resources

With regard to human resources, the structure of the company was altered with a view to bringing its human potential into line with its business development prospects. Again for the purposes of optimising human resources management, an employment and skills management programme (GEPC) has been implemented in conjunction with a specialist firm in order to create a more effective management tool complemented by an HRIS (HR Information System) that will ensure consistency across all aspects of the policy.

With this in mind, SEMMARIS is equipping itself with the means to efficiently achieve its aims and accomplish future developments. 21 new employees were hired in 2016 alone, including 15 on fixed-term contracts, whilst nine employees completed internal mobility placements. Furthermore, 2 apprenticeship contracts and 4 professional training contracts were signed and 19 trainees hosted on placements. In addition to this outward-looking policy, of course, a number of initiatives designed to encourage professional training have also been implemented,

and SEMMARIS is also keen to help businesses operating at the Market with their own HR policies. Following a consultation, the solution of a collective mutual fund was identified to enable them to benefit from a preferential rate This is just one of a whole range of additional services that SEMMARIS offers in partnership with the Employers’ Alliance. SEMMARIS also continues to pursue its efforts to raise positive awareness of those with disabilities, again where operators are concerned, and special one-day events are now systematically organised once or twice a year.