The role and tasks of SEMMARIS

The task of SEMMARIS is to operate and manage Rungis Market, to commercialise the real-estate properties, to ensure the acceptance and security of the tenants and users and to improve the dynamism of the Market’s image.

SEMMARIS, a semi-public company which includes public and private partners, is the Public concession-holder for the construction and operation of the national wholesale market of Paris-Rungis. Its role is first to develop and operate the Market by designing the buildings and coordinating the works, by maintaining and repairing the equipment and installations and lastly, by providing water, electricity, waste decontamination and management services, heat supply, etc. From 2015-2025, the company has planned to invest €510 million in the Market.

Rungis 2025 Investment Plan

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The Rungis Tower and the administrative district

Another task of SEMMARIS is to commercialise and manage the real-estate properties, and to ensure the reception of users, security of the site and continuity of relations with the State services in matters of hygiene and security.

Lastly, the Market manager is committed to improve the dynamism of Rungis Market through marketing and communication actions, and to develop its know-how and image on the international scale.

The Reception Hall of the Semmaris Tower

Organisation of SEMMARIS

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