The world's biggest fresh produce market

Rungis Market trades an exceptional variety of food products, the majority of which is fresh produce, as well as flowers, plants and decorations. It supplies all markets, from the most modest to the most sophisticated.

Fruit and Vegetable Sector

All manner of fruits and vegetables from all over the world are sold at Rungis, from vegetables from the Île-de-France sold in the Producers' area to the more unexpected exotic produce from every corner of the world.

Meat Sector

Meat is well represented at Rungis. You can find both carcase meat and vacuum-packed portions. All types of meat can be found here: butcher's meat (beef, veal, lamb), pork, poultry and game, offal, etc.

Seafood and Freshwater Produce Sector

The Rungis seafood sector is one of the biggest ports in France in terms of volume. Its flagship, the A4 building, is known worldwide as much for its infrastructures as for the quality and diversity of its products.

Dairy and Gastronomy Sector

This sector deals with the sale of dairy products (butter, eggs, cheese, cream, ultra-fresh) and gastronomic products (charcuterie, condiments, culinary aids, spices, beverages, etc.). There is also a hall specialising in organic produce.

Horticulture and Decoration Sector

Welcome to the flowers, plants and decorations sector! Rungis Market offers an exceptional selection of cut flowers (in an air-conditioned building), potted plants, accessories, decorations, packaging and tableware.

Logistics Sector

Rungis Market offers an unparalleled range of logistics services. Equipped with enormous warehouses and a rail terminal, the national wholesale market develops last mile logistics solutions as part of a sustainable strategy.