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Dairy and Gastronomy Sector
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Dairy and Gastronomy Sector

This sector deals with the sale of dairy products (butter, eggs, cheese, cream, ultra-fresh dairy products, etc.) and delicatessen products (cold cuts, condiments, culinary aids, groceries, beverages, etc.). It is also home to a pavilion specialising in organic goods.

Dairy and Gastronomy Sector

These sectors occupy 7 large pavilions and 4 smaller buildings, including the following:



• Cheeses of designated origin of varying degrees of maturity and for all culinary purposes.
• A wide variety of products of every kind: soft rind, hard rind, blue cheeses, goat’s cheeses, cooked and uncooked pressed cheeses, fromages frais and cottage cheeses.
• Whole cheese slicing service.


Key Figures

€1 597 722K

turnover in the dairy and gastronomy sector


dairy and gastronomy businesses

1 383


A sector in keeping with the trends…

Delicatessen and dairy products remained the most dynamic sector at Rungis Market in 2016, with volumes further increasing by 11.7% to reach almost 84,000 tonnes as a result not only of the various developments undertaken by SEMMARIS and the parties operating at the site but also consumers’ appetite for new and original products. Dairy products, meanwhile, experienced a 1.9% decline and notably a decrease in incoming deliveries of eggs and basics (butter and creams). Despite this, specialist products such as goat’s cheese and milk-based desserts held their own.

… And driven by innovation

The sector has, of course, benefited from the extended offering afforded by the new F5C and organic pavilions on the whole, as well as from the various improvements that SEMMARIS has made to them, including modernising the façades and landscaping the surrounding avenues. Furthermore, its operators appear to be thriving, organising regular events aimed at promoting their offerings in conjunction with their suppliers. The arrival of new customers, including dairy, cheese and delicatessen retailers, to the Market is also noteworthy, demonstrating the rise in urban trade in these product categories.



The opening of the Pavillon Bio (‘Organic Pavilion’) reflects Rungis market’s aim to become a national leader in organic products, which continue to gain in popularity in France. There was a range of organic products already available at the world’s largest fresh produce market, with nearly 70 operators selling organic products across all sectors of the market, including meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, gastronomy, etc. The construction of this 5600m2 covered market, the largest of its kind devoted exclusively to organic products in Europe, however, strengthens the market’s position in this product category, to the greatest advantage of producers, distributors and consumers.


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