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Horticulture and Decoration Sector
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Horticulture and Decoration Sector

Welcome to the land of flowers, plants and decorative accessories! Rungis Market offers an exceptional choice of cut flowers (in an air-conditioned building), pot plants, accessories, decorative products, packaging solutions and tableware.

Horticulture and Decoration Sector

The horticultural and decoration sector consists of the following:



Pot and bedding plant growers now sell their wares in the largest pavilion of the horticultural and decoration sector of Rungis Market. This restructuring was intended to reinforce the central role that Rungis plays in the flower and plant trade and consolidate its high-quality local offering.

In this sector, there are more than 80,000 items to create decorations: wooden and metal furniture of different styles; Decorative objects and accessories; Vases, trinkets, pottery, wickerwork, candles, curtains, tablecloths; Artificial or dried flowers and all the decorations of Christmas … On the material side, packaging and tableware, we find glassware and tableware, furniture (tables …), but also everything needed in supplies Office, tooling and packaging.



Between Avenue des Maraîchers and Avenue de la Villette lies the colourful horticultural sector, bursting with greenery and with the air of a bright, sunny day about it. From cut flowers and pot plants to trees, bushes and even bonsais you really will be spoilt for choice in this sector.


Key figures 2016

€223 million

turnover in the Horticulture and Decoration Sector


horticulture and decoration businesses


incoming stems in the Horticulture and Decoration

Horticulture and Decoration Deliveries - 2016

Incoming produce 2016 (tonnes) Variation 2016/2015
Cut flowers (1)
(1) : in thousand stems
180 874 -4,8%
Artificial flowers (2)
(2) : in thousand bunches
6 886 -13,6%
Potted plants (3)
(3) : in thousand pots
12 878 -3,7%


Number of companies Turnover 2015 Forecasted variation turnover 2015/2014 Employees
Wholesalers 63 163 565 K€ -7,3% 325
Producers 53 18 187 K€ +0,5% 51
Brokers and import-export companies 2 2 842 K€ -17% 6
Props 17 39 088 K€ -9,6% 165
TOTAL Horticulture and Decoration 135 223 682 K€ 547

A difficult situation for the sector…

Between disastrous weather conditions, with too mild a winter followed by a very wet spring, and unfavourable consumption levels, incoming deliveries of horticultural products decreased at Rungis in 2016. Pot plants and bedding plants in particular, across virtually all varieties, suffered as a result of the climate, decreasing by 3.7%. Cut flowers and greenery, meanwhile, also maintained their downward trend, decreasing by 4.8% and 13.6% respectively. Whilst tulips began to regain strength (up 9%, that is nearly 600,000 additional stems), chrysanthemums and notably roses – one of the market’s flagship products – were down.

… But restructuring is under way

Consumer buying habits are changing when it comes to plants. The volumes sold around Valentine’s Day 2016, for example, were down 18% (source: Kantar Worldpanel), whilst those sold for Mother’s Day appeared to remain stable. The structure of the sector nevertheless continues to change. In 2016, Île-de-France potted plant producers moved into building C1 – the horticultural flagship. In more general terms, SEMMARIS has released some property in this area that will make it possible to consider future new developments. With this in mind, the introduction of a densification policy will be considered going forward from 2017.


Historically spread across several buildings at Rungis International Market, pot and bedding plant growers from the Parisian region (APHUMR) moved into a new sales area in building C1 in early September to enable them to provide their clientele with a comprehensive offering.

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