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Rungis Market offers an unparalleled range of logistics services. Equipped with enormous warehouses and a rail terminal, the national wholesale market develops last-mile logistics solutions as part of a sustainable strategy.

The complex nature of the ‘last mile’…

From order preparation to delivery, not forgetting warehouse management, logistics now plays a central role at Rungis Market. New specialists are establishing a presence there whilst existing operators are increasing their own offerings in these types of services. Such logistical operations are developing within a changing context that includes the fight against carbon emissions, traffic restrictions within the capital and changing lifestyles, among other things.

SEMMARIS, which has signed the urban logistics charter introduced by the City of Paris, is looking at a number of new avenues for developing new cleaner models designed to take these new factors into account in its attempts to approach this shift in the logistical revolution as best it can.

… Puts rungis at the heart of logistical issues

Pooling has to be considered as a central solution, with the emphasis always very much on environmental sustainability. In addition to the Utilit’R service, which already offers an electric refrigerated vehicle-sharing service, SEMMARIS has also set up a private freight exchange aimed at upstream transportation with a view to optimising the loading of transport vehicles. Not forgetting the installation of clean energy charging solutions at the site. Last but not least, SEMMARIS responded to the call for tenders to operate the Espace Logistique Urbain des Halles urban logistics hub, which involves designing the logistical blueprints of the future, within which Rungis will play a central role.

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