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Meat Sector

In the meat sector, all species are represented: meat (beef, veal, lamb), pork, poultry and game, tripe …

The meat sector

Butcher-wholesalers joined the wholesalers operating in other sectors at Rungis in 1973, and things have changed a great deal since!
Standards have changed, food safety has been stepped up, sales have become more structured, the pavilions have been modernised, market requirements have increased and there are a wider variety of services on offer.
The meat products sector comprises a number of pavilions that are modernised on a regular basis, including the following:


The Meat Pavilion (V1P)

The Meat Pavilion V1P sells meat, carcasses and half-carcasses, and vacuum muscles.
The widest range of beef, veal, and lamb is offered at any time of the year with a daily selection of high quality meats, the best origins of prestigious meats and breeds with specific services tailored to the needs of the customers : Deboning, cutting, punching, removal of MRS, transport and mutual billing system.


Pork cuts are one of the greatest specialities Rungis has to offer.
– 1/4 of a pig’s meat is consumed fresh (ribs, sides, roasting joints, etc.), with the remaining 3/4 being salted, cured, dried or cooked to preserve it.
– Meat carvers and wholesalers of delicatessen products and salted meats complement one another and supply a large proportion of the authorities in the Île-de-France region.
– Over 20,000 hams leave every week to be salted to make sausages, cooked and cured hams, etc. Daily pricing provides professionals with up-to-date prices on a day-by-day basis.


Quality is always the name of the game at this pavilion, where you will find all kinds of high-end farm products such as Bresse chicken and foie gras. The latest innovations in the sector can also be found here, including new cuts, processing techniques, nuggets and even complementary products such as sauces.


Offal is one of the characteristic features of French gastronomy. Wholesalers at Rungis operate out of a pavilion that meets every last requirement of European health standards (HACCP method, ‘clean’ circuits, etc.). The pavilion, which was restructured in 1995, is home to 10 wholesalers whose independent shops are clearly identified.



€1 684 905K

turnover in the meat sector


meat produce businesses

1 464


Rungis resists the deconsumerism movement…

The meat sector held its own at Rungis in 2016, with a slight decrease in incoming deliveries – down 0.6% to 269,500 tonnes. Meat and poultry consumption levels are, in fact, reflecting the current long-term downward trend, with butcher’s meat down 2.8%, pork down 3.5% and poultry down 2% (source: Kantar Worldpanel, end of November 2016). Whilst butcher’s meat is also down 3.2% across the Market (with beef more heavily affected than lamb and mutton, which remained stable), pork sales dropped by only 2.5% and poultry sales continued to grow by 2.3%. A 2.8% rise in offal was also observed.

… And prepares for the future

The sector is certainly preparing for the changes ahead. Indeed, in addition to the 1,500m2 extension created for Metzger (800m2 of which will be refrigerated space), SEMMARIS has also demolished the former poultry pavilion, which is to be replaced with the new pork building that will be created by the end of 2018. Furthermore, a natural gas filling station has been built in the sector. Finally, SEMMARIS has also continued its role as an ambassador for high-quality meats in 2016 by hosting the Rencontres Made In Viande event and the Les Authentiques initiative, both of which will help prepare for the meat market of the future.

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