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Setting up your operations at Rungis means you are selecting a site that is widely known and recognised; a site that is easily accessible and provided with several local services.



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Why to set up a shop at Rungis Market?

Selecting Rungis Market for your business or organisation means setting up your shop in a known and recognised place at the heart of the largest fresh produce market in the world, which not only enjoys an excellent brand reputation among French consumers but also a strong international recognition. Rungis Market is a point of reference to all food and gastronomy professionals. It combines an unparalleled array of skills in terms of products, trade, transport and logistics.

A wholesaler at the Poultry Hall of Rungis Market showing his/her products.


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Tel: +33(0)1 41 80 81 62



Yann Berson’s profile, director of Di Spé Ré and Di Spé Ré Organic food, set up in the Rungis Market

Yann Berson and his sister Christèle – Directors of Di Spé Ré and Di Spé Ré Bio, wholesalers of gastronomic and organic food products at Rungis Market.


Yann Berson

Rungis represents a world of gastronomy and diversity, a strategic place without which we could not have developed our operations.


A leading business hub that can be accessed very easily

Its geographical location is ideal for business operations, 7 km from Paris and at the heart of unique logistics infrastructures: airports (Orly and Roissy), expressways (A6a, A6b, A4, A86, A10), dedicated railway terminal. Several public transportation services are available to get to the site: 24H/24H bus services, T7 tramway services. All services useful for the operations are within our reach, either on site or close to restaurants, employment agencies, banks and car dealerships.

Bus services at Rungis Market


What are the advantages for Market Operators?

When setting up shop in the Market, the companies can opt for additional professional services like heating and potable water supply, collection of “empty” packages, annual inspection of electric installations. They could also introduce turnkey solutions, referred to by and negotiated with SEMMARIS (Mixed Economy Company for Development and Management of Rungis National Interest Market) in fields relating to customer relationship, management of installations and logistics, security or quality of life: Customer Control Pack, Scoring of the companies, Internet Visibility Pack, communication solutions for events in print or digital, optic fibres, inspection of electric installations, etc.

A wholesaler in the Fresh fish pavilion of Rungis Market showing a lobster.