Access to your Operator Space
on Rungis Immobilier website

Manage your account on Rungis Immobilier

Every operator set up in Rungis Market can log on to the Rungis Immobilier Operator Space and carry out their important transactions online, thereby saving time for their administrative exchanges with SEMMARIS.

Your Rungis Operator account

The Rungis Operator space allows you to have control over various procedures or documents related to your company status of companies setup in Rungis Market. You can find all information related to your company in the “My account” section on Rungis Immobilier website.
For example, you will have the options of:



The operators can also update your company profile for the “Carnet d’adresses” (the Rungis guide for services and products)  for the search engine on the Rungis Market website.

Your mandatory declarations to SEMMARIS

The Rungis Operator Space is a website dedicated to all your mandatory declarations to SEMMARIS:
Our web applications allow one-click declaration of your incoming goods, staff members and turnover, or submitting your requests for removal of unsold pallets.


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How do you log in?



When you set up your shop at the Market, SEMMARIS will send you a welcome mail containing personal access codes for Rungis Operator Space. Go to Rungis Immobilier and click on the “Log into my Operator Space” on top right corner of the screen using your access codes.




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