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Your Operators’ range of services

To allow companies to develop their business, SEMMARIS has decided to expand its services offer and group them into a catalogue called “Phileo”, which is accessible to all companies of the Market. Phileo is a range of innovative services, either on themes of customer relationship, facility management, logistics, safety or even quality of life.

Why use the “Phileo” range of services?

Enjoy all benefits reserved for companies set up in Rungis Market: a range of service called “Phileo” combines all services provided by SEMMARIS to its tenants: many services are included in the tenant agreements with others are available on a subscription basis.

With Phileo, you can take advantage of the collective strength of Rungis Market:

Some examples of services offered by SEMMARIS

Classified by theme, there is a wide range of solutions at your disposal in terms of:




A study of your requirements is proposed to companies set up at Rungis Market to quickly profit from services, advice and new technologies.


How to access the website dedicated to Phileo services?


When you set up your business at the Market, SEMMARIS sends you a welcome mail containing your personal access codes for the Rungis Operator Space. Go to Rungis Immobilier and click on the “Login to my Operator Space” in the top right corner of the screen using your access codes.
A range of “Phileo” services can be accessed from a dedicated website through the homepage of the Rungis Operator Space.




How to find out more?


“PHILEO” range of services

Contact the person in charge of PHILEO by email